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Our Mission

Caring for your neighbors.  Get involved.

Our mission is to involve the community in helping seniors with their daily living activities while providing them with companionship.  As we age in place we feel that there is a need for a collaborative effort to assist those who need our help.

Ways We help

Here at NAL we are driven by a single goal:  making the world a better place especially for our seniors.  Our program is backed by comprehensive empirical studies and high quality data evaluation.  This allows us to build meaningful relationships thus making a positive impact on the people with whom we are involved.  Please help us in our endeavor.

 We welcome your participation in NAL.

These are some of our activities:

Power Walk
Holding Phones
Nurse Talking to Patient


Mental and Physical Health

Senior Digital Literacy and Support Program

Health Screening and lectures in nutrition and health care

One Step at a Time

Would you like to support our efforts? or Need help?

Nova Active Life 

Nova Active Life is a volunteer and member based nonprofit organization.  It started as a response to a rising need to an aging community.  Nova Active Life’s strength lies not only in what we say, but more importantly in what we do.  NAL is a collective effort that is community focused with an emphasis on our older loved ones.

Home: Who We Are

How to get involved

We have developed a system whereby we tabulate volunteer hours that then can be redeemed later when a volunteer needs assistance.  What this means is that when volunteer hours are banked they can be used when the volunteer needs any kind of assistance.  These hours can also be transferred to a family member or friend.

  We are there to help.  This is our goal and purpose.


William James

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

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